Reporting Portal

The new and improved Reporting Portal provides primary care medical groups and clinics access to 50+ quality and utilization measures with data from eleven payers, including commercial health plans, Medicaid and Medicare. Data is presented in a dashboard in addition to pre-configured comparison and trend reports. Users can easily trend performance on a quality measure over time, drill down to the patient level, generate action lists to identify gaps in care, identify variation within and across clinics, and compare practice and provider scores to local and national benchmarks. The reporting portal is updated quarterly. Users can easily validate data and request corrections through this HIPAA-compliant, secure portal.

Access this resource at no cost to support your primary care practice measurement and practice improvement initiatives by registering for an account. If you have questions please contact us via email or telephone 503-241-3571 x118. 

Provider Reporting Supplemental Information


Public Reporting 

A select number of measures reported in the Portal are also reported publicly through Q Corp’s Compare Your Care initiative. Clinics are automatically included in this initiative, and may use it to satisfy PCPCH Standard 2.B – Public Reporting. Clinics with fewer than three providers are excluded from reporting, but may opt in by using the form below. The public reporting website is updated twice a year. Before each refresh of the public reporting site, providers will have a chance to submit corrections to their data, during a process called reconsideration. Reconsideration is done through the reporting portal, instructions can be found in the Portal User Guide (above).