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News October 16, 2013
Q Corp's work with the Coalition for a Livable Future on the Regional Equity Atlas is featured in the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Newsletter, Spotlight.

Equity Atlas Reveals Deep Health DisparitiesExternal Link

News June 25, 2013
The Lund Report
The Coalition for a Livable Future has released its second Equity Atlas, which shows how well people living in Portland have access to resources to meet their basic needs based on geography. Q Corp contributed data for the effort.

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News March 4, 2012
Mail Tribune
Mail Tribune article discusses the Oregon-based guideline for low back pain, developed in partnership by Q Corp, Oregon Health Authority, Center for Evidence-based Policy at OHSU, and Oregon Health Leadership Council.

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News January 31, 2012
The Oregonian
Q Corp's campaign to improve care for low back pain (Don't Take Back Pain Lying Down) is featured in an article in The Oregonian.