HealthInsight and Q Corp Explore Strategic Partnership

August 19, 2016 Q Corp & HealthInsight Oregon

Over the past several years, HealthInsight Management Corporation, HealthInsight Oregon (formerly Acumentra Health) and Q Corp have been partners in a variety of health care quality improvement activities nationally and in Oregon, including the Medicare Quality Improvement Organization Program and other QI activities. Recently, our organizations have engaged in discussions to explore strategic opportunities and partnerships to strengthen and leverage our activities across HealthInsight's four-state region (Oregon, Utah, Nevada and New Mexico).

We’re excited to announce that our governing bodies have reached a contractual agreement to move forward with developing a strategic business partnership. Over the next six months, we will develop a detailed operating and administrative services plan that will propose long-term management relationships and service delivery expectations. We will also develop a joint strategy and plan for business development, governance and communications.

Throughout the term of the contract and any extensions, Mylia Christensen will serve as Executive Director for Q Corp and for HealthInsight Oregon. Neidra Evans, HealthInsight Oregon’s Interim Executive Director, will serve as Associate Executive Director to help assure continuity through the transition.

We see this as a unique opportunity to leverage our collective efforts to transform health care to achieve better health, higher quality health care and greater affordability. All three organizations have significant strengths across our respective communities. This agreement will enable us to achieve broader reach and engagement, and to produce Triple Aim results as collaboratively and efficiently as possible across Oregon and multiple states.

We will update you periodically on the progress of these discussions. Please be assured that our organizations’ existing community partnerships and contractual relationships with clients will remain in place and continue as before. We look forward to working with you in the future to achieve our mutual goals.

For more information read the attached press release, or email us if you have questions we can answer.