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Oregon Takes Action to Improve Health Care
September 15, 2011: Quality Corp joins Dr. Oz, the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and dozens of U.S. health agencies in highlighting the growing movement to improve the quality of care.

Oregon Hospitals Join Effort to Improve Quality of Health Care
June 30, 2011: Thirteen hospital teams across Oregon will lead improvements in the quality and safety of patient care.

Quality Corp Receives $1.3m Grant from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
May 5, 2011: The award will support Quality Corp to expand efforts to improve the quality and value of health care in Oregon.

Are Oregonians Receiving High-Quality Care?
February 23, 2011: Partner for Quality Care’s new report on primary care performance reveals trends and variations in care across the state and opportunities for patients and practitioners to improve care in Oregon.


Quality Corp Welcomes New Executive Director Mylia Christensen
December 14, 2010: Christensen and new leaders on the Board of Directors will continue advancing progress toward improving health care quality in Oregon.

15 Oregon Hospitals Participate in National Quality Improvement Effort
November 15, 2010: Quality Corp and the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems announce the participation of 15 Oregon hospitals in the Aligning Forces for Quality Hospital Quality Network.

Six Health Groups Receive Grants to Start Patient Advisory Councils
September 28, 2010: Quality Corp announces partnerships with six local health care organizations to advance patient-centered care.

Reforming Health Care from the Ground Up: Local Health Groups Receive $150,000 to Put Patients at the Forefront of Care Decisions
March 16, 2010: Quality Corp and PeaceHealth Medical Group are recipients of a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to implement a pilot program that places patients at every level of decision-making in health systems.


Public-Private Coalition Working to Ensure Reform Improves Health Care Affordability and Quality

Regence Grant Supports Delivering Quality Data to Patients

Quality Corp Receives Important Designation from U.S. Department of Health & Human Services


Adoption of Health Information Technology Saving Oregon $1.3 Billion Annually

Oregon Health Insurance Plans, Physicians & Purchasers Join for Improved Consumer Health Care

Quality Corp Receives $600,000 for a Community-Based Initiative Aimed at Improving Health Care Quality for Chonic Illnesses