Natalya Seibel

Natalya Seibel is a Program Coordinator for the Q Corp program team. She joined Q Corp in 2015 as an administrative assistant, and since then has seen her role with Q Corp grow and develop. She has worked on various projects with the Patient Centered Primary Care Intsitute, such as the Behavioral Health Integration Resource Library, as well as providing support work for Q Corp's other programs, like Total Cost of Care. Natalya has worked for over a decade in different roles in healthcare, cultivating a passion and focus on quality improvement. She has a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology, and a Masters’ in Public Administration with a focus on Health Administration from Portland State University. She is an advocate for local mental health and the arts, and follows public policy intently. She moved to Oregon from New Mexico in 2007, and when not busy with work, she enjoys reading, local arts, karaoke and exploring nature around the Pacific Northwest.