Find Trustworthy Health Information on the Web

Some information on the web is great. And some isn't. Since the internet is not regulated, websites can say anything they like. As a result, some websites have accurate and reliable health information, but others do not.

A trustworthy website has these features:

  • Tells who is responsible for the site and how you can contact the site.
  • Gives you information and isn't selling anything. Notice whether it includes advertisements.
  • Tells you what it will (and will not) do with personal information it collects from you.
  • Is reviewed regularly and the date of the last update is given.


Look for health information that is:

  • Based on results from medical research and backed up with references to the research and approved by medical experts.
  • Unbiased, objective, and balanced. The information seems reasonable and believable (no promises of "miracle cures").

Be sure to talk with your doctor about health information you find on your own.


Finding trustworthy information:

View this brochure for more tips and information on finding trustworthy health information on the web.