Chart Library - 2015 Statewide Report

Download charts and graphs from Information for a Healthy Oregon (2015).  Please keep the citation to the report on each image.  If you could like to use any of these items but need them in another format feel free to contact us and we will do our best to meet your needs.

Timeline (page 3)

Total Cost Index vs. Quality Index for Oregon Clinics (page 4)

Cost of Care Infographic (page 4)

Clinic Total Cost Index vs. Quality Index by Region (page 5)

Total Cost Index vs. Quality Index by Region (page 5)

Oregon Maternal Data Center Infographic (page 9)

Measure Performance: PCPCH-Recognized vs. Not Recognized Clinics (page 11)

State Snapshot (page 13)

Adolescent Well Care Visits by Payer Type (page 14)

Geographic Distribution of Chlamydia Screening Measure Rate (page 15)

Developmental Screenings by Payer Type (page 16)

Geographic Distribution of Developmental Screening Measure Rates (page 17)

Diabetes Kidney Tests by Payer Type (page 18)

Diabetes Blood Sugar (HbA1c) Tests by Payer Type (page 19)

Geographic Distribution of Diabetes Blood Sugar (HbA1c) Test Measure (page 19)

Potentially Avoidable ED Visits by Payer Type (page 20)

ED Visits per 1,000 by Payer Type (page 20)

Emergency Department Utilization (page 21)

Measure Crosswalk (page 23)

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